// feb 2024

// interactive sound sculpture

‘bleed’ is an installation piece focused on exploring the liquidity of material forms, invoking the idea that the surfaces of objects and bodies are not sharply defined boundaries but gradients, combining us with the things we make contact with like two colours of paint.

A series of metal pipes are suspended from the ceiling, each resonating at a different frequency. these resonances are intensified by physical touch but by minute disturbances in the air around them, meaning these pipes can affect others around them with their sound. in touching one of these pieces, one effectively becomes an extension of them and vice versa, with the material resonance passing through one combined entity of flesh and metal.

cocktail party effect

(or lack thereof)

// feb 2023

// ambisonic installation

A multi-channel audiovisual installation created during my MA Sound Arts Course at UAL as a response to the University’s Her Noise archive. This spatial audio installation is designed to simulate the sensory overload one would encounter in a conventional listening environment with the ability to differentiate audio from different sources removed; a phenomenon often experienced by myself and other individuals on the autistic spectrum.

This was executed by taking multiple recordings of noisy public spaces, including bars, cafes and shopping centres, and blending them into a mass of unrecognisable noise using different audio effects and moving them around an ambisonic sound sphere. As a companion, the pieces of point-of-view footage captured alongside the audio recordings were also overlaid onto one another and projected onto a large screen in the middle of the sound system to enhance the feeling of discomfort and disorientation.